I’m rich in true friends, not in money. My life is incomplete without them. I have few selected close friends who I know for ages and will always be there through thick and thin.


I remember my High School buddy who was crying on the day of our National College Entrance Exams (NCEE) because her father passed away early morning due to vehicle accident. I thought she couldn’t make it but surprisingly she got 98%. Yes, she’s a consistent honor student and our HS newspaper Editor. When I visited the Philippines in December 2010, she shouldered our High School Mini-Reunion and she’s willing to give more…


God blessed her with a kind husband and two beautiful daughters. MA. ELENA CERDON-CABANES is holding a high post in the government (Asst. Director of Department of Agrarian Reform – DAR) but she’s still humble like a bamboo – the taller the bamboo grows, the lower it bends. She balanced a professional life with domestic efficiency. Len is a true friend, a loving daughter, a caring sister, an ideal wife and mother of her kids. Her life is truly exceptional. We’re so proud of you!




She will remain a constant source of inspiration to me. No matter how many miles lie between us, you will be my best friend forever. You’re such a God’s blessing!


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