"Felafel Sandwich"

This is one of my favorite “street foods” in the Middle East. It is originated in Egypt as a snack. Here is my version of felafel recipe…



 Prep time: 20 minutes


 Egypt Egyptian


 Cook time: 10 minutes


 Servings: 5


Number of servings  US Metric


  1. Rinse chickpeas and remove skins.
  2. Grind chickpeas, garlic, onion, salt, chili, cumin, coriander and parsley in a food processor.
  3. Mix chickpea mixture and mashed potato in a bowl. Blend well.
  4. Take 2 tbsp. mixture and drop onto oiled tray. Repeat the process. Refrigerate at least 1 hour.
  5. Coat felafel with flour. Mold into a ball. Flatten slightly with palms.
  6. Deep fry until golden brown.
  7. Fill flat bread with felafel, eggplant, french fries, boiled egg, tomato, chopped parsley and hummus.
  8. Roll like a spring roll.

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