SIUT: A Glimpse

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SIUT:  A Glimpse 



"SIUT: A Glimpse"

          “Charity begins at home.”   SIUT (Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation) is philanthropists’ haven where people from all walks of life located from different places open their hearts and extend their hands to be a part of this living saga.


          Poverty and human suffering are part of social problems which arises when few get a big share of fruits of labor while the majority gets too little.  Rich people enjoy the luxurious life while the poor cannot even provide the basic needs for themselves. Access to health care is out of the context.


          A good Muslim, who is really close to God, must be deeply interested and involved to solve these social phenomena and injustice.  Giving Zakat, one of the pillars of Islam, is an act of goodwill for the love of humanity. It is to part with money or material property.


          Social charity is one of the main reasons for admission into heaven.  Love of God is to love God’s creations. Love others as you love yourself.  The real test of love is the unconditional giving and sacrifices.


         The influx of migrants from rural to urban area in order to search for a “greener pasture” signifies the drastic increase in the number of peasants in the city.  It implies a greater demand on “free-of-charge” medication and treatment.


          Individual action is not enough. Well-meaning people must band together to alleviate the suffering of the sick and the deprived people by acting together and helping one another in an organized manner.  One remedy is the establishment of charitable institutions which relieve and solve these perennial social problems.


          SIUT is a medical institution which serves as an instrument to perpetuate the human lives particularly the underprivileged and needy ones which comprise the vast masses of people with the help of donors to fulfill its missions.


          It is a public health sector organization which is funded through the contributions from the public, corporate bodies, private citizens, Government Grant and Zakat. Its mission is to provide free  comprehensive and modern medical facilities to all especially for the poor  who can’t afford and avail modern diagnostic, treatment and transplant facilities.


          SIUT was established in 1972 with an 8-bedded ward   in the Burns Ward of Civil Hospital, Karachi. At present, the new building is situated one block away from the hospital, the Dewan Farooque Medical Complex which has been built on a plot of 1.5 acres granted by the Sindh Government. The Dewan Mushtaq family donated for the construction of the 300-bedded Complex which has all facilities in urology, nephrology, transplantation of organs other than kidneys and related areas. The Institute offers training of post graduates, nursing and technical staff; extending its services to other medical centres as well.


        Dr. Adibul Hasan  Rizvi, Professor and  Director, plays a vital role to lead its medical team to accomplish its objectives. The management is maintaining its high level of professionalism, technological advancement, quality service, hygiene and sanitation which contribute to its outstanding achievements. It is the Centre of Excellence in Pakistan and plays a role model to others. Its tremendous achievements in the past created medical history in the country. The first cadaveric kidney transplant was successfully carried out in January 1995. The establishment of SIUT is a milestone to promote health care, peace and justice in the country.



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