It’s  an old-time favorite traditional Filipino dessert.  The combination of seasonal or tropical fruits with milk and cream give a succulent and delightful sweet dish. This dessert is served on special occasions.


         1/2 c. banana, sliced

         1/2 c. melon, cubed

         1 c. pineapple chunks

         1 c. mango, chopped

         1/2 c. cream

         1/4 c. condensed milk

         3 tbsp. powdered milk


          1.  Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix well.

          2.  Chill.

VARIATION:  Fruits can be substituted by canned fruit cocktail. 1 tbsp. raisins can be added in this recipe


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  1. Please try my first recipe on my blog post. It’s one of my best foreign cuisines in my cookbook “MARIAM AYUB’S BEST INTERNATIONAL RECIPES” which is in publication process.


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