"Foods High in Salt, Sugar & Cholesterol"

Salt is vital for body metabolism but high salt intake can cause hypertension or high blood pressure which leads to other complications like stroke, heart and kidney failures. Here is the partial list of foods high in salt:  table salt, sauces, chips, crackers, sausages, soups, gravies, pretzels, cottage cheese and instant noodles.

Sugar is the source of body energy but too much sugar in your blood can cause blindness, leg amputattion, kidney and foot problems. Sugar has glucose. Sugar from sweet fruits is known as fructose. Milk has sugar which is called lactose. Table sugar which is obtained from sugarcane has sucrose. Sugar present in rice and honey is maltose. Here is the partial list of foods high in sugar:  white flour and by-products like bread, cake, pastries, carbonated drinks, french fries, donuts, cookies, candies, ice cream, jellies, desserts, dates, bananas, figs, mangoes, grapes, dried fruit, artificial fruit juices, white sugar, honey and fruit jams.

Cholesterol is essential for the normal functioning of the body but if the cholesterol level is high or beyond the normal range (serum cholesterol), it can cause heart disease. Here is the partial list of foods high in cholesterol: meat and by-products like brain, egg yolk, liver, turkey, duck, shrimps and chicken. Foods that can lower cholesterol level are oatmeal, fish, olive oil and nuts like almonds, peanuts, walnuts, etc.


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